ImagiLearning is looking for clients who have about had it with eLearning. The cost may be too high, or it takes to long to create, or it just all looks the same with “Next” buttons, and “drag & drop this”, and videos featuring a professional “reader”; all packaged as something called “interactive”.
If I have just described any of your thoughts, we would love to hear from you. No obligation, but just send an email with your story, and what you were really hoping to accomplish with your eLearning. We will send back a personal “Thanks for responding…”, and if we believe we can help you finally get what you want, we’ll include a bit about that. No further hassle…the rest is up to you.

Will more engaging eLearning cost more?
Maybe, and maybe not. Every project is different depending on what you want to include. But we will say that our costs are almost always far below the industry norms. Our overall goal is to work with our clients long-term, rather than charge a bunch for one project and say “So long!”
Will more engaging eLearning take longer to create?
Again, it all depends upon what the project includes. We are a small eLearning company that focuses on a small number of clients, making sure we can provide the best support possible.

But all we need to do is show that we have delivered this content, so how can you help us?
Probably the best way we can help is to remind you that creating weak eLearning content and “putting it out there” doesn’t mean it has been “delivered”. It just means you “put it out there”. If all you are needing is data to show users have opened the training, I suggest you go the quickest and cheapest development route you can find. But if you are hoping that the eLearning content you publish will actually lead to “learning”, then it’s honestly going to take a bit more. As a side-note, I spent many years doing eLearning for companies that just wanted the numbers…each day was kind of like sitting down, connecting my brain to an “energy-suck-device”, and trying to pretend I was enjoying it.

Email ImagiLearning with your story…
We believe that “interactivity” means more than clicks, and drags, and drawing lines, and watching charts animate. We believe that “interactivity” includes both cognitive and emotional engagement, and includes the learner being faced with authentic choices that lead to decisions that have authentic feedback. We believe that the learner’s “experience” is the eLearning activity will have huge impact on the learning that occurs. We also believe that NO eLearning needs to be boring.

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