Month: December 2015

Personal Adventure


We have been slow to update our site for a while, and here is one of the reasons why. Along with helping our clients achieve their goals for eLearning, we have been finding the time to work on some of our personal goals for developing new approaches to eLearning, one of which is the online, virtual 3D environment technologies.

Over the holidays, we hope to publish our early prototype of a highly interactive 3D learning activity based on topics of life in the first century wilderness. Using tools like Unity 3d, and working with our archaeology and history friends, the goal is to create an authentic environment that learners can walk around in and explore, chatting with in-world characters, and get a multi-sensory introduction to the key learning objectives. Its not a “game”, though we like games too, but this activity uses the powerful tools and design approaches of good “games” to create the same type of immersive experience.


Whether a first century desert, the office boardroom, the shop, a home visit, or the hospital hallways, we believe online, 3D learning is an option worth exploring! It’s our own, personal adventure.