My brief history of education in Second Life:

Phase 1: A small number of educators were amazed at the possibilities of 3D space, and spent hours learning the skills needed to create activities that were new and exciting.

Phase 2: Huge numbers of educators entered Second Life, many of whom were looking for the next big thing they could incorporate into what they were already doing, and rather than spending hours learning skills, they complained about “learning curves”.

Phase 3: Huge numbers of educators announced that Second Life was a failure at innovating learning, and went off in search of the next big thing they might try. Meanwhile, the other educators continued their learning and creating.

Phase 4: (tomorrow) Educators in Second Life discovered the real potential of Second Life and 3D space to enhance learning, and are creating activities that are engaging learners in ways not possible before. NOTE: However, these educators are keeping rather quiet about it, because they really don’t want all of those complainers coming back and bring us all down again.

, by : imagilearning

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