First “Formal” Results of TL in Action

We are very excited to report the initial results of how our TranceFormational Learning (R) approach to designing learning can impact the learning experience itself. This information is based upon a course redesigned with TL and offered for the first time from April to August of this year. This is an undergraduate, fully online course using Blackboard.

We just finished the first full implementation of this new online undergrad course design for an East coast university in mid August. We used a traditional LMS, followed the traditional rules and policies of the school, and used the traditional technologies students had at home. First review of the data shows that interaction in the online discussions increased from an average of three per student per week (the usual post one, respond to at least two), to an average of 17 per student per week. Length of posts went from an average of 3-5 lines, to 23 lines per post. Every post reviewed so far was on-task, and expanded the discussion. Final course feedback from learners supported the findings, with very positive feedback from all learners.

The key? We focused on the “experience” the learners had throughout the course. We borrowed from the elements of good game design, and designed the course experience so it engaged learners both cognitively and emotionally. The course was not “about” the content objectives, but the course was an experience “of” the content objectives.

We now have legitimate first evidence that TranceFormational Learning(R) works, and can be used in a learning situation, anywhere, with the only added cost being the creativity of the course creators. Most exciting to us is the fact that this first course includes only a few of the design features of TL, and is already showing such strong impact on the learning experience.

We are now monitoring the second offering of this course, as well as the initial offering of two more TL-designed undergrad courses at the same school. As we monitor these courses, we are also looking for courses that are currently using online, 3D virtual environment technologies that we will revision using TL. Our belief is that, when used effectively to enhance the learner “experience”, the use of virtual environments has the potential to create learning activities significantly more effective than were possible before virtual technologies.

More details coming soon!

John Jamison, ImagiLearning, Inc.

, by : imagilearning