Writing about TL.

Just before opening my word processor to write this morning’s chapter, I received an email with an invitation to download another new free eBook about eLearning from an LMS company, offering the latest guide to innovative instructional design. I thought it was worth taking a look, because maybe they had already written what I was […]

My brief history of education in Second Life:

Phase 1: A small number of educators were amazed at the possibilities of 3D space, and spent hours learning the skills needed to create activities that were new and exciting. Phase 2: Huge numbers of educators entered Second Life, many of whom were looking for the next big thing they could incorporate into what they […]

Looking for Clients Fed-up with eLearning.

ImagiLearning is looking for clients who have about had it with eLearning. The cost may be too high, or it takes to long to create, or it just all looks the same with “Next” buttons, and “drag & drop this”, and videos featuring a professional “reader”; all packaged as something called “interactive”. If I have […]

Re-thinking Learners…

We met while I was visiting my dad in the hospital. I was standing in the hall when the guy walked by, paused, told me the corniest joke (straight from Vaudeville), and shuffled on down the hall. After his third pass, we ended up in conversation, and after a while we discovered that we were […]

Personal Adventure

We have been slow to update our site for a while, and here is one of the reasons why. Along with helping our clients achieve their goals for eLearning, we have been finding the time to work on some of our personal goals for developing new approaches to eLearning, one of which is the online, […]

First “Formal” Results of TL in Action

We are very excited to report the initial results of how our TranceFormational Learning (R) approach to designing learning can impact the learning experience itself. This information is based upon a course redesigned with TL and offered for the first time from April to August of this year. This is an undergraduate, fully online course […]

As A Consultant: Post #1 – Communications

During my career, I spent many years in the role of project manager with the “opportunity” to work with various “contractors” or “consultants”. I told all of the same jokes…”Did you hear about the consultant who…”, and many times pointed to a consultant as the “problem” in what ever project was happening at the moment. […]

We’re at work here!

Welcome to ImagiLearning! We are installing our new site during the otherwise busy┬áSummer…please come back and see what we’ve been up to!