ImagiLearning Services

ImagiLearning did not begin as a marketing or publishing company that decided to “get into eLearning”. We are educators and trainers who have been ‘doing’ eLearning since the days the “e” might have meant a telephone, radio or reel-to-reel video tape. We created our first computer-enhanced training sometime around 1983, the same time we began offering training for educators wanting to catch the wave of the new technology.

Since then we have “done eLearning” in the 2 and 4 year college environment, the for-profit academic world, as well as the non-profit and for-profit business environments. We have designed activities, designed, developed and directed academic and corporate eLearning programs, and gave it all a good mix-up by spending time working with the game industry. The result is our unique understanding, and our TranceFormational Learning(R)¬†philosophy.

We’ve spent the past years designing and developing learning and training activities, and in the process we developed our TranceFormational Learning(R) approach to instructional design. As we have become more involved with our clients, we have been asked if we could use our approach to provide even more eLearning support, and we have boldly accepted the challenge.

The following two documents describe some of our eLearning services available now.

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