A well-told ‘story’ has an ability to move through our established, conscious defenses and speak directly to that part of us that ‘is’ us…to plant seeds of hope, of expectancy, of change…of the reality that there is a reality that is far much bigger than the one we deal with every day, and that we each play a role in what happens each day…to ourselves and to everyone and everything around us. Stories can open us to greater things and create a world of life and hope, or stories can be used to close us off and create a world of death and fear.” – John Jamison

We are storytellers.

We use stories to enhance learning and training.

We use stories to help with problem solving and change management issues.

We use stories to entertain, and to explore ideas.

While we have used “story” in our work for more than thirty years, ImagiLearning’s has now taken the step to spend a part of our time simply telling and sharing good stories. Beginning with some of our own creations, our goal is to begin helping other authors and storytellers expand their voices, and to encourage new storytellers to join the journey.

Some of our current storytelling…

J. B. Jamison

Fiction writing, including the new novel: Disruption

John B. Jamison

Non-fiction writing.

Pops Jamison (Coming Soon!)

Books for young people