About ImagiLearning

All About Us
(well, not “all”, but hopefully just enough)

If there was one thing you ought to know about those of us at ImagiLearning, it’s that we are educators. We aren’t marketing people who decided to “get into” eLearning. We didn’t create a business around some other interest, and decide that eLearning might be a good addition to our product line. We are educators. We spent years in real classrooms, teaching real learners, designing real learning activities. We became involved in eLearning before the Internet was the main connection; running miles of cable through the ceilings of schools to connect learners together for their learning activities. We served as teachers, faculty members, Department Chairs, directors of academic programs in the P-12, 2 year schools, 4 year schools and the for-profit school environments. We also spent time in the corporate and non-profit learning world (although some prefer to call that ‘training’ instead of ‘learning’).

This is what we do; it is who we are.

As we say elsewhere, over the past 30 years, we have gradually developed our approach to designing and creating that type of experience-based learning activity. The result has been the creation of our unique approach to learning design we call TranceFormational Learning(R). TL guides how design learning activities, and how we build those activities. What we offer our clients today, is the result of those years of experience, from our lives spent in the worlds of learning (and training).

After all of that time, we decided that if we wanted to help create the kinds of changes we believe are needed in learning and training, we were going to have to do it from outside of the ’employee’ role. There were just too many policies and practices that were tightly tied to the traditional beliefs about learning and training. And, it is extremely difficult to make major changes inside a large organization; and we think there are some major changes to be made.

ImagiLearning, Inc. was born to create a way for us to work with clients who are interested in going in new directions with eLearning, and want to create the most effective learning activities possible. By choice, we have remained small, and spend most of our time working with small to mid-sized organizations, many of whom are new to the eLearning world. We help them get started, and help them chart their individual and unique pathway into the eLearning experience.

If any of this sounds like something that might be of value to you, we would love to have the opportunity to talk, and hear just what your dreams are for your eLearning future.

John Jamison, ImagiLearning, Inc.